A Summer Later…

Summer is a long time. Three months. Twelve weeks. Ninety-two days.  A lot can happen within a summer, and I’ve seen it in this year-long gap since I last blogged. When I blogged last, I was a first-year fresher, who had just survived her exams, felt very unsure about life and the future, and was… Continue reading A Summer Later…


Always Forgive, Never Forget

I always forgive people easily. But I never forget. I was talking to a couple of people and the topic of forgiveness came up, and within those conversations I realised that I tend to forgive people so easily, and do not  necessarily hold grudges. That got me thinking. To be honest, I kind of hate… Continue reading Always Forgive, Never Forget


Feelings. Continuously felt by all, regularly expressed by some and rarely spoken of truthfully by anyone. But why do we fear to talk about those deep-rooted feelings? Having been brought up in a very close knitted family environment, and being in friendships built over years, you would expect me to be able to freely speak… Continue reading Feelings