I feel lost at the moment. I feel lost about life. I feel lost about what to do next. I feel lost about my future. As I’m starting third year of university, I just feel immense pressure to know exactly what to do after I’m finished. But I have no idea what to do at… Continue reading Lost


A Summer Later…

Summer is a long time. Three months. Twelve weeks. Ninety-two days.  A lot can happen within a summer, and I’ve seen it in this year-long gap since I last blogged. When I blogged last, I was a first-year fresher, who had just survived her exams, felt very unsure about life and the future, and was… Continue reading A Summer Later…

The Sky

Blue Skies. I have an obsession with them. Today, was the first day in months since the sun had come out, and there was a breeze of refreshing air and it truly felt like spring was finally here, leading way to summer. The thought of being able to wear dresses and sunglasses and continuously sip… Continue reading The Sky

Always Forgive, Never Forget

I always forgive people easily. But I never forget. I was talking to a couple of people and the topic of forgiveness came up, and within those conversations I realised that I tend to forgive people so easily, and do not  necessarily hold grudges. That got me thinking. To be honest, I kind of hate… Continue reading Always Forgive, Never Forget

I Am A People Pleaser

I am a people pleaser. I always try to do what’s right, what’s expected of me and what would make others happy. But I can’t help not being a people pleaser because that’s the way I was always brought up. I have been taught to always do the right thing, regardless of whether I like… Continue reading I Am A People Pleaser