I Am A People Pleaser

I am a people pleaser. I always try to do what’s right, what’s expected of me and what would make others happy. But I can’t help not being a people pleaser because that’s the way I was always brought up. I have been taught to always do the right thing, regardless of whether I like… Continue reading I Am A People Pleaser

Wedding Bells

When I was younger, I would often dream about my future, and every single dream consisted of marriage. But this wasn’t only my dream, every girl I knew of, dreamed of this moment. The moment you join with your soulmate and declare to the world you will spend the rest of your lives together. I… Continue reading Wedding Bells

Thank You To My Friends

As time goes on, you grow, and when that happens you gain a lot of things and lose a lot of things. One of those things are friendships. I often hear about a lot of people who lose connection with their friends as they begin to move on in life, but that hasn’t happened to… Continue reading Thank You To My Friends


A few months ago, I had to take a flight abroad to go attend a family event. As it had been quite a while since I had gotten on a plane, I had completely forgotten about everything that comes with flying. From the hour long delays, causing us to wait impatiently, wishing we could be… Continue reading Flying


Feelings. Continuously felt by all, regularly expressed by some and rarely spoken of truthfully by anyone. But why do we fear to talk about those deep-rooted feelings? Having been brought up in a very close knitted family environment, and being in friendships built over years, you would expect me to be able to freely speak… Continue reading Feelings

Coffee & Cake

As a teenager, growing up, I always daydreamed of the day I would be old enough to do the things I couldn’t at the time, and I spent many days hoping time would go faster. One of those dreams was going to little picturesque cafes and have coffee and cake. ( Although there was a… Continue reading Coffee & Cake

The Uni Experience

“The Uni Experience” To some of you, these words may seem like the most magical words in the world, whilst to others, maybe not… Well, I’m one of the ‘maybe not’’ people. I came to uni expecting the best and fearing a little, but it didn’t go as expected. Don’t get me wrong, this has… Continue reading The Uni Experience