Why Am I Angry?

Why am I angry?

I am angry that, I have to live in fear.

I am angry that, I have to feel terror.

I am angry that, I have to see hatred.

After the atrocious event last night at the concert in Manchester, which has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, I am sat here feeling completely angry at the world. It is absolutely devastating to know that so many children were killed in the selfish act of an individual, and to see families feel despair over the fact they cannot see their child grow up, breaks my heart. My heart goes out to them, and I can only hope those who are missing are found and that those who have lost a dear one, can get through this.

Whilst I feel an overwhelming amount of sadness that the same people who were here yesterday are not here amongst us anymore, I also feel a lot of anger. I feel anger towards the people who commit terror attacks. These selfish people take the lives of innocent people. The same innocent people that had a family, friends, a life to live, aspirations and goals to achieve.

What do you say to the friend praying for the return of his mate?

What do you say to the brother waiting for his sister to come home?

What do you say to the father who is crumbling inside, knowing he won’t see his daughter grow?

What do you say to the mother who cries and weeps in pain, wishing she could hold onto her son one more time?


No words can help heal their pain. No words can change the fact they never had the chance to say goodbye. Nothing you do can bring them back.

In that moment, when you decided to pull that trigger and set in motion the death of all those people, you took their freedom away. You took everything away from them, and you believed they became weak. But you are wrong. You will never be strong, nor powerful. That was an act of cowardliness, and don’t you ever think you can beat us. Those innocent souls who lost their lives did not deserve what you did to them. For that, we will always be sorry. But we will always unite to help one another. You can try to divide us, you can try to target groups and attempt to build hatred. Regardless of it all, we will unite as a nation, setting aside racial, religious differences, we will stand together as humans and help one another. Each time you try to destroy this wall of humanity, we will pick up each brick and put it back in place, because we are not scared of you.

To those who use their social medias and voices to promote hatred towards a particular group of people due to the act of an individual, I have one word. Stop. This ‘freedom of speech’ that everyone has fought so much for, should be used to promote love rather than hate.

I ask you to respect those who lost their lives, they are humans after all, and use your voices to help and promote love. Even if you do not wish to stand by us, at least don’t stand in our ways, because you don’t stand a chance against us.

Please, let’s learn to love and help one another. The world could use a little bit more kindness.


The Girl With A Name x


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