Giving Up

Countless number of times in my life, I have wanted to give up. I have wanted the thing I’m going through to just be over, so I don’t have to experience the difficulties that arise from it. But, somehow I always end up accomplishing it, and although it takes everything out of me to even be able to get to the finishing line, I’m always glad I’ve done it.

But, when you want to give up, and you know that it is the easiest thing you can do, because it only takes seconds to leave it and walk off, what makes you want to continue?

For me, it’s always been the thought that things will get better. I’m an optimistic person. I always want to see the brighter side to life, I see the glass half full than empty and I believe in happy endings. But I’m not always an optimist, there are times where the pessimism inside of me overtakes, and I think that things are bad, and will always be bad, just because of that tiny moment where I want to give up. However, as I’ve learnt and know very well, pessimism doesn’t ever help you out in life. It causes you to overthink and believe in the absolute worst, and when you continuously believe in something, it eventually becomes a reality because that’s all you see. So, for me, optimism is the sole thing which gets me through difficult times, and makes me resist the need to give up.

All around me are people who are emotionally and physically under a lot of strenuous pressure because of personal and in particular academical stress, seeing as we are nearing to examination period and deadlines need to be met. I could sit here and type up tips to manage your time, manage your stress etc… But what we all need is motivation. Motivation to keep going and achieve the things that are meant for us, so that we can live the life we want. But motivation doesn’t come from a quote on Tumblr, or a speech on Youtube or a blog post on WordPress. It comes from within, and although those things might momentarily give you the motivation you need to get started, you need to find a motivation from within, to keep continuing. You can’t rely on other people and their medium to give you that motivation, because they won’t always be there for you. You need to find that motivation within yourself, and let that be the thing which helps you fight the need to give up.

I always have a couple of different motivations in life. For trivial tasks, I like to plan ahead. I always think to myself, once I have accomplished a task, I can spend the rest of my time doing something I absolutely love. Let’s say I have exams in May, I get through those by remembering that I will have the whole of summer to travel and explore. For life, I think of people. There are a few people in my life who I always want to make proud and happy, and that is one of my main motivations. If I ever think to myself I can’t do this anymore, I think of the people I want to be proud of me, people who have sacrificed a lot of things to see me in this position and people who love and support me all the time. Once, I remember that, I can always get back up.

It is always easy for someone else to tell you to carry on and not give up, but what’s hard is being able to pick yourself up and do it. It does take time, so don’t expect yourself to just get up one day and be super motivated in life, but it has to begin somewhere.

To every person who wants to give up. You can do whatever you want to do, you just need to find it in yourself to keep going, and once you do, you won’t want to give up.

It’s your life, live it and love it.


The Girl With A Name x


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