A few months ago, I had to take a flight abroad to go attend a family event. As it had been quite a while since I had gotten on a plane, I had completely forgotten about everything that comes with flying. From the hour long delays, causing us to wait impatiently, wishing we could be at our destination already, to that feeling you get when your flight takes off, and you silently pray that you make it on the other side in one piece.

This experience made me remember it all.

This was the first time I was flying “alone”, in the sense that I wasn’t flying with my parents or someone who would take responsibility over me. Although, I was still flying with a family member. (But she is around the same age as me, so she couldn’t have possibly ‘taken care of me’ as such). So, this was all in all quite nerve-wracking, and I imagine that for those who get travel sick or anxiety, it must be worse. Luckily, I don’t experience either.

I just wanted this journey to go as smoothly as could be, since I had already caused havoc. Let me tell you about how this happened. It was a few days before our big journey, we were so excited,and it was time to check-in for our flight, and I was all prepared and clicked that button. It was after this moment, I realised I had entered my passport number incorrectly, I had added in an extra number. We were pretty much having a meltdown. We couldn’t undo anything since we had already checked-in, and we were frantically googling a solution to our problems. Eventually Google wasn’t very helpful so we resorted to the most logical option of calling them. You’ll be glad to know, we sorted it all out with one phone call to the airline company. So, after that terrible incident, I was determined to get from one airport to the other in one piece, and make it through without any more hitches.

Once we arrived at the airport, and had gone through security, which is by far one of the most annoying things ever, we found out our flight was delayed. I hate waiting, so this was the worst news I could have gotten. After what felt like hours and hours of waiting, we were finally called upon to board onto the flight. I was so excited to finally be free to get onto the plane, that I managed to drop my wonderful bobble hat. Kindly enough, the ladies behind me returned it to me and we were reunited. Happy endings and kind people do make me joyful.

When we were permitted to get onto the plane and I sat myself in the window seat ( by far the best seat you can get), I sat back and watched the people around me. Passengers who were trying to ram their hand luggage in the overhead compartments,despite knowing it was far too big to fit in. Parents who were trying to pacify their crying children, dying of embarrassment. Air hostesses who were doing their safety demonstrations, smiling through it all even if they knew no one was watching. The pilot who was attempting to apologise for delays and sound optimistic, knowing every passenger was internally cursing him for the delay even if it wasn’t his fault.

Finally, the moment arrived when the engine roared to life and slowly the plane began moving down the track. All of sudden, I was pushed back against my seat as the plane took off into the air. My heart plunged and an adrenaline rush overtook my body. I couldn’t stop smiling. That feeling cannot be described in words, it made me smile like a crazy woman, and I just felt super ecstatic. As we ascended over the city, it all started to become smaller and smaller, the buildings that once towered over me, were now smaller than the size of my little toe. Eventually, we were so high up in the sky, I could hardly see anything, everything was so minuscule. I could remember feeling these emotions when I had taken a flight overseas a couple of years ago. But, somehow it felt new to me, and I lived in that moment.

Being so high up in the sky, felt like I was elsewhere, and made me realise how little I am compared to the rest of the world. There is so much I’m yet to see or experience, I live life in a bubble and there are bigger things in the world than my little problems. It made me appreciate life, in a way I had never before, and for that, I’m thankful I can see the world in a different way.

Every time I see a plane in the sky, I wish I could be in it, and look through the little window and admire it all. I hope, soon enough I’ll be able to go yet again, but for now all I can do is cherish those moments I lived in. So, the next time you are on a plane, take your eyes off the screen, and just look out of the window, and admire it, and live in the moment.

It’s your life, live it and love it.


The Girl With A Name x


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