Coffee & Cake

As a teenager, growing up, I always daydreamed of the day I would be old enough to do the things I couldn’t at the time, and I spent many days hoping time would go faster. One of those dreams was going to little picturesque cafes and have coffee and cake. ( Although there was a fundamental error with those daydreams since I’m not a coffee person- I could have a whole other post on my relationship with coffee but I’ll spare the details and just give you a little preview. I don’t drink coffee, but I like Iced Mocha. I don’t drink coffee, but I love tiramisu. I don’t drink coffee, but… maybe that is because I haven’t ‘really’ drank any. But that is a story for another day!)

Now, as soon as I had found myself a friend who adores coffee and my student finance had rolled in, I had everything needed to make my dreams a reality . So I made it my mission to be ‘#Goals’ and find the most perfect coffee shop. But, even before I had started my search, my friend sent me a link ,one day out of the blue, to an article with the best coffee shops in my city. Let’s just say our minds work very alike. As a celebration for signing our contract for our new flat next year, we decided to go get coffee and cake. But, little did I know I would end up discovering one of my most favourite places ever.

The little tea house is tucked away in one of the little quaint alleys in town and I must admit we did struggle to find our way, but that was merely due to our incompetence in using Google maps. I cannot express in words how happy this little place made me. As soon as we walked in and sat ourselves, we were given menus which had an infinite amount of teas and coffees. I was so overwhelmed with all the tea choices, I just ended up choosing a classic hot chocolate. I do not regret that option at all! It was by far the strongest, darkest and purest hot chocolate I had ever had. I mean they probably used real cocoa beans and such, instead of mixing a powder with hot water like other places do.( Note: I am quite easily pleased due to my lack of culinary experiences) Nonetheless, I was impressed, and as a bonus, it was presented beautifully, with latte art, just perfect for a little Snapchat (even an Instagram, had I bothered to take a good picture). They also serve beautiful homemade cakes, and I chose to go with a strawberry and pistachio cake, and boy did it taste good. Although the strawberry made it too sweet for my tastebuds, I loved the hint of pistachio running through. As it is a tea house, my friend ordered a tea and it came in the cutest little teapot, with an accompanying timer to let her know when the brewing will be finished. We were struggling to remove the little filter,with the loose tea leaves, inside the teapot, and it took numerous failed attempts before we mastered the art, but that in itself made the whole experience even more funny.

After spending a good hour sipping on our drinks and chatting away, we left the place as happy customers, and I finally learnt the secret to having a cafe.

The combination of good coffee& tea, some delicious variations of homemade treats, interior design that screams cosey and chic and impeccable staff is all you need to open your own cafe.(Oh, and I think free wifi will work wonders).

Simple. Except you’ll need money to do all that or an investor or even a business partner.

After this enlightening experience, do I think 15 year old me would be happy? Very much so, and that makes me happy, because if I can make these little daydreams become a reality now, surely I will soon be able to make bigger dreams a reality.(Yes, it got a bit deep, but that’s what I do best, make the most trivial things become super deep and meaningful. Sorry)

In the meantime, I shall continue to find little cafes and continue to expand my culinary experiences and you too should try doing something little to make you happy.

It’s your life, live it and love it.


The Girl With A Name x


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